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Road Hazard Tire Coverage

Tire & Wheel Protection

First Mile Road Hazard Tire Coverage gives you peace of mind from comon road hazards such as metal parts, nails, potholes, glass and debris.

Driving conditions are not always favorable...and not always within your control. Poorly maintained streets, road debris, and potholes are just a few examples of common road hazards you encounter daily.

Tires and wheels can generally withstand normal driving conditions; however one unanticipated road hazard can leave you stranded requiring repair or replacement of your tire and/or wheel. For this reason, you may want to seek the additional security and peace of mind of our First Mile Road Hazard Tire Coverage.

Benefits of Road Hazard Tire Coverage

Coverage Highlights Include:

  • Tire(s) Repair or Replacement
  • Wheel(s) Repair or Replacement
  • Value Stems
  • Mounting
  • Balancing
  • Sales Tax

When tire and/or wheel on your vehicle is being repaired due to a road hazard on a public roadway, rental coverage is provided up to $30 per day for a minimum of five days per ocurrence.

3 years: $827 / 5 years: $977